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Rude and opinionated people on Internet discussion forums

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My gripe concerns Intolerance to different opinions on Internet discussion forums.  When I Log into a site, I always do so with the foreknowledge that other users may think differently from myself.  I respect the fact that someone may have own opinion and after all, diversity is what makes the world an interesting place to live in.

However I have found that on so many occasions one can put forth an opinion or an insight, and that opinion or insight can send another site user into a frenzy of fury.  They will almost immediately write back in uncompromising terms telling you what a fool you are for having the sheer audacity to voice an opinion that does not confirm their world view.

Opinionated people - discussion forum The worst offender is what I call the "subject spider"

The worst offender is what I call the "subject spider".  He or she chooses one single subject, it might be parking issues in Cambridge perhaps or whether Great Danes are safe to keep as pets.  The "subject spider" patiently awaits any unsuspecting person who stumbles into his or her "web" and goes on to voice a difference of opinion.  The subject spider then takes great relish in verbally tearing the commenter to pieces.

Sharing a symbiotic relationship with the subject spider is the 'chronic disagreer'.  He or she does not really have fixed or firmly held views, but instead takes enormous delight in disagreeing with just about anybody on any subject.  Of course people should disagree if that happens to be the case, but it should be in an intelligent way.  There is no reason to resort to ill-temperedness.

If we do happen to disagree with another site commenter we do not have to resort to rudeness and crudeness.  What do other people think?  Perhaps I am wrong?  Perhaps a little bit of "rudeness and crudeness" is good fun.

By: Mr Hicks

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