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After several years of posting my account was banned with no reason given. My most recent comments were pro-Trump but they were pretty mild. The only thing I can think of is that right before I got banned I said something negative about Soros. His name is censored there so you have to disguise the letter "o" with the number "0" or your comment won't go through. I'm guessing that is what did it? I don't understand why some people are deemed to be so above criticism that you can't even discuss them at all. Mitcham- After I was banned my user name was still on their website (although I could no longer post comments) so I asked them to delete my account. They sent me an email to confirm that I wanted to be deleted. That email had all of my account info on it including what devices I used (they had my laptop including the screen resolution!) as well as my cell phone and IP numbers for both. They can even tell what browsers you are using with each. I'm guessing that you can't create a new identity because they keep track of all of this information and can still tell it's you.
01:13 Discussion forum censorship on


Coronavirus is becoming more contagious and can infect during incubation, Chinese authorities warn

I think the world authorities know a lot more than they are telling. Watch out for the royals, rich and famous suddenly taking remote holidays. Also waitrose shelves being emptied. LoL.
26/01 Cold and flu virus spread by


This weekend finished it for me. Nothing but bloody sport almost all day. It is time that the BBC devoted their sports to one channel ( Not BBC 1) and one channel only. There are many older people who live alone , do not have the option of viewing services such as Sky etc due to lack of funds and yet are forced to sit and watch something that does not interest them & do not have the funds to buy additional platforms and yet you are still going to make them pay for stuff that they don't want. There are also too many repeats, some as far back as the 70's. BBC you should be ashamed that in this day and age you stick to your old formats of the sixties. Come on either grow up or get out.
26/01 Too much football and sport on


DOCTOR'S ORDERS NHS on high alert for signs of killer coronavirus in UK as ‘thousands infected in China’.

Maybe not this one, but sooner or later one will come along that cannot be stopped. By over population of this planet the human race is placing a target on its own head.

Ring-a-ring o' roses,
A pocket full of posies,
A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
We all fall down.
25/01 Cold and flu virus spread by



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25/01 Call centre outsourced to


I completely agree !!! I live in uk and married english man- who is interested in other culture but I’m struggling to make a good friendship with especially English ladies.
I have many friends from other country but not British ladies ... why?!
I feel they treat me like out of villagers when I am at work as well.
I’ve lost all my interest in them too tho... but maybe that’s good things ... somehow they are too tight and stuck up .. no fun ..?
24/01 Why are English people so cold


I had a job years ago where I worked with people who had disabilities. While some of them were wonderful, there were more than a few bad apples. This opened my eyes to the fact that some disabled people are bitter and have poor attitudes. The same can certainly be said of many able-bodied people too, of course.
But my work with these individuals showed me that quite a number of them feel entitled to lash out, even at employees like myself (who were paid very little) who only wanted to help them. There was this one fellow in a wheelchair who was a liar and troublemaker...always complaining in hopes that people who cared for him (like myself) would be fired. He also played the race card on one occasion.

Look, I realize that having a visible disability is frustrating and unfair. It's difficult. But we all have a cross to bear in life. Maybe that sounds insensitive, but it's reality. With that said, I still have compassion for what disabled folks deal with. I know they aren't always treated well by some members of society.
At the same time, if an able-bodied person is being kind and not harming them in any way, they need to realize that they are not exempt from treating others with respect just because of their disability.
We all have bad days and we all have problems. It's your attitude that matters most.
23/01 Rude and abusive disabled


Here here!
23/01 Discussion forum censorship on


Increased likelihood' of new virus reaching UK.

Earth warming is the last thing the human race should be concerned over right now. One day we may not be able to stop one of these mutating viruses. This could be more than lightly the outcome now the human race is so crowded together.
23/01 Cold and flu virus spread by


DOCTOR'S ORDERS NHS on high alert for signs of killer coronavirus in UK as ‘thousands infected in China’

Mother nature will curtail the over population of Earth, one way or another.
21/01 Cold and flu virus spread by


Don't rush...pack at the speed you are comfortable with. The check- out staff won't throw your shopping on the floor! Don't pay untill you have all your shopping put away. Ignore any sighs that may come from the staff or other customers. Smile nicely ...adjust your hat and leave. You are the customer!
21/01 Aldi checkout process is fast,


What a lot of bitterness in these comments! It's a shame that some of you have experienced being (in your eyes) ostracised. But judging people for their expensive cars or how 'dressed up' they may be, is very shallow and surely that is the behaviour which is being complained about! People work hard sometimes for their nice things, and sometimes they suffer from anxiety too, I know sometimes I probably give off an unsociable vibe at pick up because I'm trying not to have a panic attack! Remember: reverse snobbery is a thing- try not being so judgemental, maybe that's why they don't like you!
20/01 Horrible mums at the school

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