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Sick to death of the Euros taking precedent over everything else that would normally be on the main channels. There's no justification these days with so many available channels to cancel anything that would be normally be on.
18:27 Too much football and sport on

Timbuktu m

I agree with all you've said
17:33 Too much football and sport on


The thing that gets me about forums are the mods who think they rule the universe.
I got banned from a motoring forum because one of the mods was a big leftie and didn't like when I called him out for it every time he censored my posts supporting Trump.
13:51 Bullies on Internet discussion

Safe Cruise Parking

Car parking is a crucial aspect of urban planning and daily life, impacting convenience, traffic flow, and accessibility. Efficient parking solutions can significantly reduce congestion, save time for drivers, and enhance the overall experience of navigating a city. Innovations such as smart parking systems and sustainable design are increasingly important in addressing the challenges associated with car parking in densely populated areas.
08:34 Parking on the pavement - it's


This happened to me on the UK Pet Forum. Those are some really nasty people there who gang up via mob rule when a new person doesn't bow down to them and conform on whatever it is they want you to conform to at the time.

I have been tempted to contact the police and make an official complaint and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.
01:08 Bullies on Internet discussion


So, so true! And you're a young person - I'm nearly 63 and have seen these agencies get seemingly worse and worse. No effort is made to match the candidate to the job, it's a case of "we've got a vacancy at X, you'll have to do". Not a match made in heaven for either party. I also will be applying direct from now on.
24/06 Why recruitment agencies are

Granny June

The first item on the BBC news this morning was football! Really, there is an election forthcoming too. The real sports fans will have subscribed to the sports channels. Tonight there are two games played simultaneously at 7.30 on the BBC channels. Do I assume that the bosses get to go to the matches for free. I resent having to pay a licence for this.
24/06 Too much football and sport on


So True I hate these glass washers that are on the pump it's self when they rinse it before pouring the pint in my opinion they should be banned I allways ask for a fresh glass
23/06 Disgusting standards of


The Tory party has bankrupted the UK in their 14 year rule in favour of their rich bum chums.They have burned all the bridges in revenge to the incoming Labour party. The UK's financial state is in a desperate state.

All those that have benefited under the Tory party will now be faced with "the Big pay back".
23/06 Get on the soapbox


I'm sick to death of all this bloody football on BBC tv 2024
22/06 Too much football and sport on


The English are very cold people am sorry to say, from an Irishman
21/06 Why are English people so cold


make BBC put ALL sport on a BBC Sports Channel and bring back proper entertainment to BBC1 and BBC2 - NOW
20/06 Too much football and sport on

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