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Your Gripe - get your gripe published

Please use this page to suggest a new gripe. We can't guarantee that anything you submit will be published or remain in its original form, however great care will be taken to try and keep the text as close to your original submission as possible.

Please note, your email address WILL NOT be published, but it may be necessary to get in contact with you regarding the content of your gripe, we can also get in contact with you to let you know when your gripe has been published. This would normally be within a few weeks at the most if your submission is accepted.

Here are some tips to help you write a good gripe:

  • Keep your gripe to a reasonable size, ie. not too long and not too brief.  Most full page gripes are at least 300 to 350 words.
  • Stay clear of highly controversial issues such as racism and advocacy against an individual, group or business.  Regrettably terms and conditions outside our control would prevent us from publishing certain material - even though we really would like to do so.
  • Try to describe the issue naturally and constructively without resorting to insults and aggressive language.  Your gripe is also an opportunity to stir up a thought provoking debate.
  • Focus on the topic that you wish to gripe about.  Too many deviations from the subject make it difficult for the reader to understand what the gripe is about.
  • PLEASE check your spelling, and remember to capitalise the "I" in sentences.

That last point is very important.  If you can't be bothered to do a simple spell check or use capitals appropriately, you're submission will most likely be ignored.


Gripes the News
Gripes in the pipes
The Soapbox