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Welcome to The Weekly Gripe, an electronic publication created by private individuals for anyone who has ever felt the need to have a good old gripe about people, things or just society in general.

The aim of this site is to provide a platform for discussion and to encourage others to express their feelings.  It's good to get that gripe out into the open!

Kenny - owner of The Weekly Gripe My name is Kenny and I've run this site since early 2000 when I'd finally had enough of delayed or cancelled trains on my daily commute to London and I had little to do except build this.  There wasn't really a platform (excuse the pun) for complaining about stuff at the time so I thought I'd create one.  Pretty soon friends started moaning about stuff and then The Weekly Gripe really took off!

Over the years the site has gone through a fair few changes.  Take a look on the Wayback machine if you're interested.  I'm constantly tweaking and adding new things, perhaps not as quick as some would like, but there again I've got a day job too!  The Weekly Gripe has made my life interesting in a number of ways.  It was a full time job at one time and through it I had the opportunity to visit Google's offices a couple of times and even did one or two radio interviews.  But apart from all that it's still a site I run because I think it needs to be exist.  Facebook and the rest haven't quite got a monopoly on the whole "Gripe" thing yet I think!

I'm very interested in feedback from visitors to the site, this helps me continue to improve it and hopefully make The Weekly Gripe a place worth visiting!  Drop me an email if you've got any suggestions or comments.  Better still leave them on the Soapbox for everyone to see!

Other Projects

As well as running this site I also work on a number of other sites and apps. Please check out the links below:

Real Ale Finder
The Marinade Database
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Saving Stuff

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The opening page should be a list of the gripes with the latest comments i.e. that particular gripe which has the very latest comment should feature on top, with other gripes relegated beneath, as appropriate. That way, it would be more like a series of 'conversations' going on . . . . I vaguely remember that this was the case in the past when the site was very popular, before the cumbersome, indeed arguably disastrous, redesign of the site.
29th Jul 18 13:35




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