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Why do shoe shops sell sandals in the winter?  It's the middle of March.  It's a cold day, it's been raining all week and there's puddles everywhere.  You need some new footwear because you've worn your boots so much the soles are falling off.  So you think "Ooh, I'll nip to the shoe shop and buy some boots".  You get there and are dazzled by row after row of...  bleedin' Sandals!

It's barely out of winter, and all the flaming shops are selling is open-toed, backless, flimsy sandals.  Why?  We're in Britain for gods' sake!  It rains here all year round - more in fact!  Why can we not buy boots all year round?  All I want is a basic pair of ankle boots to wear for work, but no.  I have to subject the world to toes which are blue from the cold, because manufacturers are too pigging lazy to make boots after February.

I was in my local Asda the other day, and the only ankle boots they had were a light brown suede.  Yeah, that's a good material for walking the wet British streets in!

Manufacturers, retailers; get a clue!  Not everyone wants to wear sandals or even court shoes for 8 months of the year.  Think of those of us who do actually want to wear something a little more substantial on our feet, please!

Women's high heel shoes - why are they so noisy?

This gripe is going to sound a bit petty but, it's something that really irritates me personally.  In a nutshell, it?s women's high heel shoes...  more specifically the amount of noise they make.  Why do they have to be so noisy?  Are they designed that way or is it just a coincidence that the materials they are made of make that awful racket when the strike the pavement? 

It takes me back to the days of Blakeys and Segs if anyone here is old enough to remember them.  At least with these old fashioned heel protectors there was the joy of making a load of sparks that went along with the noise.

Also, I'm not keen on having people walk behind me when I go down a street, but I feel even more uncomfortable when it's a woman wearing high heel shoes.  In these situations I usually slow down, hang around a bit until she passes by.  I know, perhaps that?s a bit extreme but to me the sound of stilettos on the pavement is more irritating than the sound of a dripping tap! 

Clarks Shoes aren't always waterproof

WARNING!!  When you purchase a pair of Clarks Shoes be careful to ask the sales staff if they are waterproof!  I know that sounds like a strange thing to do considering the reputation and quality of Clarks Shoes. 

A pair of Clarks Shoes I purchased recently cost almost fifty pounds.  When worn outside for the first time in wet weather, they leaked and my feet got damp.  All this was in spite of a liberal coating of polish applied to the shoes. 

On contact with Clarks customer services I was informed that their shoes were not waterproof unless it was specifically stated that they were. 

There were no signs to indicate that the shoes may not be waterproof and how are customers meant to know they should ask this question before buying Clarks Shoes?

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Okay, seriously, what is up with manufacterers doing away with half sizes. Needed a new pair of slippers, started shopping, and wham, no one had half sizes! Couldn't figure out why. Then I figured out it had to be cost cutting measure! Can't stuff my foot in size 6, fall out of size 7. What the heck? I'm beyond mad. What can we do, folks?
08/08 Sickofit


leather is water resistant not waterproof, if you want water proof buy goretex or wellingtons
25/06/14 p


There is already a Gripe about Clarks. It's a pity you didn't read the posts there before spending almost £50. They sell crap, imported rubbish and no longer are reputed for quality footwear as they once were.

I never buy Clarks now - their shoes are like shirts from Primark; they are meant for the short-term and then must be thrown away because they fall to pieces.
31/07/13 miserablemoaninggit


I find it almost impossible to buy shoes. I just want something waterproof, sturdy, low-ish heel (1") and comfortable. I go into quite expensive shoe shops and am confronted with silly, strappy, precarious little things that cost over £50 and will fall apart at the first sign of rain.
31/07/13 AdaB


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