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TalkTalk online security problems and customer service no help

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My gripe is with TalkTalk and their incompetent and often non existent customer service!  I have actually been with TalkTalk for about 3 years and although customer service is hell on earth, I am lucky that I have only had a few problems during this time so I could live with that to a certain extent.

Then problems started with the offer of a free service bundle to reward my loyalty.  Great I thought, but then in March my bill showed that I had actually been CHARGED for the so-called FREE bundle.  There was then a series of events ie.  my account being credited, then billed again, then credited again, and then eventually last week I told them I was unhappy and would be cancelling my TalkTalk account and taking my custom elsewhere.

Yesterday I received a courtesy call from TalkTalk to discover why I was unhappy.  I explained the situation and call me fickle, but anyway I agreed to a new (hopefully cheaper) service plan.  Within minutes they had cancelled my online security.  I then spent 4/5 hours trying to get help from them until finally Nick said he would personally resolve the problem - working late if necessary, and would telephone me at 7pm.

Well that served to get rid of me for the day as his call never came.  Logged on this morning, had 29 viruses.  Called TalkTalk customer service again and was put on hold three times, put back into the queue and eventually got a person who actually has done everything she said she would including call back.

Problems with TalkTalk online security product The situation now however is that I have to wait to see if online security updates on Friday.  If it does not, wait until following friday.  If it fails again I have to then contact customer service again.  Meanwhile my PC with it's vulnerable online security status is apparently 'safe to use', so I had better get surfing for a new service provider!

TalkTalk is fine until you have a problem occurs and whether that be billing, technical, online security or whatever...  TalkTalk need to improve an awful lot before my confidence will be restored.  These people are generating stress levels as I have never known before.

By: Ms I Rate

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