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CSA mistakes with payments and arrears calculation

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Just to let people know how useless the CSA are I thought I would post this gripe, it's in the form of a letter I have sent to them regarding problems with arrears payments and the complete mess they have made.

You (The CSA) contacted me and requested £58.29 per week directly from wages, no problem.  As far as I was aware that was happening and I didn't have to do anything, you and my employer dealt with the whole issue.

Now THREE YEARS LATER you ring me and say that I am in arrears to the tune of £1000, how can this be I ask as you have been taking it directly from my wages?  No real satisfactory answer and very vague dates to the non payment.  I asked for a breakdown of arrears, it took two months (after numerous phone calls chasing).

CSA arrears - payment mistakes Finally account breakdown arrives.  Luckily for me I had every one of my wage slips and the last three years bank statements, so I went over these and found that the money I was meant to be paying had in fact been taken from my wages, I rang you (the CSA) and told you just that, and that you had obviously got it terribly wrong somehow.  I was told that someone would look in to it and I have heard nothing more for four months when you tell me I owe £500 of arrears!  So not £1000 now?  I asked yet again that you send me a letter explaining when I have not paid as I think you're WRONG!  I then informed you that I was being made redundant in two weeks time and to leave me alone as I wasn't that happy being made redundant just before Christmas along with a demand for money from the CSA.  I told him to ring my employer to confirm these circumstances if you so wish.

Luckily for me in the New Year I found employment and rang to inform you.  Whilst on the phone I asked yet again about my arrears to be told that it had gone up to over £800.  How has that happened I asked as I've been unemployed!  I then received a letter saying that I should pay £118.29 .  Back on the phone to the CSA again and the lady I spoke to said yes I'm right, I've got your wage slips in front of me and the figure is obviously WRONG.  Someone would be in touch on Wednesday.  No one rang until Friday and then just to say they had not forgotten me!

Finally, you get in contact and say yes we got it WRONG and you need to pay £60 a week.  As you know, I said no problem and promptly paid the six weeks I owed £360.  I then asked what are the arrears and was told over £800.  I reiterated that this is not right as I still dispute the £500 pounds and you obviously had not taken into account that I was unemployed.  What I heard next beggars believe, you said that I didn't inform you when I was made redundant so it doesn't count!  I must pay £60 a week for the five weeks I was unemployed, more than I was receiving in benefit!!

First of all I told you on the 26th of November I was being made redundant.  Secondly I rang my old employer and spoke to the person who deals with the CSA cases and they remember the phone call from you and that you were told by her that my employment would cease and the date that that would happen on.  SO YOU WERE INFORMED TWICE!  Not only that, but you start threaten me with charges on my wages, not how much can you pay?  How much would you like to pay?  YOUR mistakes but I must pay when and how you say!

I look forward to the breakdown of arrears you promised me today and please do not at any time ring me again, if you need to get in contact please do it in writing.  P.S.  Having just received your break down tonight upon getting home I see it only gets worse. 

Other adjustments £260?  I said to you I would pay £360!  I've just checked my bank account online and guess what I found?  A payment to the CSA to the tune of £360.So you have lost £100 in a day!!  I also notice that for some reason I paid you £75.18 eight times on the same day - how can this be when my payments are supposed to be £58.29?  All these cock ups on one day - heaven help those who have to deal with the CSA.

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