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Complaint letter sent to Euro Disney after awful experience

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With regard to the above, I write to convey my and my family's extremely awful experience in the hands of your organisation when we attempted to achieve an unforgettable experience; it was indeed this, but in a very negative and regretful way.  On the 18th December 2010 we travelled from London to Euro Disney where I was hoping to give my family a wonderful experience as it was my daughters birthday, as well as my grandchild.

The failures with your establishment, which I believe should very seriously be looked at, or I fear that future customers will certainly not appreciate how the organisation acted to paying clientele, leaves a lot to be desired.  There were three adults and three young children: ages, 5, 6 and 7, and we had hoped to have a wonderful and enjoyable time at Euro Disney as this was obviously to be a birthday surprise.

Now, the real frustration and disappointment was; that on our approach to Euro Disney there were no indications, signs or directions from your staff members saying to the public that some rides were in fact cancelled!  This I find totally unacceptable as obviously the weather was having an affect, but no one seemed to bother to let us know this I must say, that other customers by our side also was in complete agreement with our sentiments.

It was then left up to us as customers to find out the bad news by ourselves.  At entering Euro Disney, we realised that there were many rides which were cancelled, but this was never made clear prior to us getting to the establishment or even when we arrived, which I believe was completely lacking in foresight with such an establishment particularly when your establishment obviously knew this before people had began to arrive.

All that we were told was that it was the snows fault but taking no ownership that you as a business were also at fault in your lack of proper communication to the paying customers.

The rides cancelled were as follows:

  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Indiana Jones
  • Space Mountain
  • Autopia

This was now turning out to be the very worst day of my grandchildrens lives and experience; they were very upset and quite inconsolable.  Further, we had to wait in excess of one hour and three quarters for a shuttle.  After this time, it was very clear that there were some issues with the shuttle and so had to walk back to our hotel (approximately 2 hours long) in the freezing cold with young children!

It was only on our return to our hotel, that it was said that the shuttle system was not operating at this time, however, no one whatsoever had even mentioned this before we had left earlier in the day!  Another abysmal failure of your system and operation!

Overall, you will see that my and my family's experience at your establishment has been nothing less than nightmarish!  The general Customer Service left a lot to be desired very disappointing indeed.  I truly hope that you take into consideration my complaint letter and at least attempt to look at your operations in full and see where you can make a positive difference and change to your overall experience transferred onto your client?le.

Additionally, I find that there is reasonable cause here to have your establishment compensate me for this disaster of an experience and I would expect you to be appreciative of my comments and refund my 291.00 paid for this bad experience; as they are a true reflection of our experience in connection with your establishment.

I look forward to your considered response in the very near future.


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The Ridgester

The Ridgester

EURO DISNEY PARIS. A number of problems with this. Read the following and take note!

THE STAFF. No management structure so nobody knows what they're doing. Just standing around looking simple, when something goes wrong no one is there to help. Have a complaint or problem? There is no apparent customer service or management, lump it, its the way we do it here. Your here now, just accept it.

THE PARENTS. My kids are gonna have a good time! I don't give a crap about you, your kids or anyone else in this place, Iv'e paid my money and I'll run you down, knock you over and push you outta the way if you get in the way of MY Disney experience. I'll also queue jump because I've got a lot to do, my kids need everything!! This is more apparent from our European friends! The British just stand around looking really brassed off OR highly aggressive, but still saying nothing!!

THE KIDS. Most couldn't give a hoot what they've been on, who they have seen and where they are. They're tired of standing around for 4 hrs waiting for the best spot to see a furry dog wave at them for 20 seconds.

APPLE. Want to see any parades or shows? You will, but unfortunately the 300 people in front of you will be filming through iphones and worse still ipads. Waste time by making fart noises or better still trying to get in on as many home recordings as possible. Yes it was me doing the cross eyed Macarena dance behind you!

DISNEY FREAKS. I can't really cope with these guys. Just a personal thing BUT supposed to be a little light hearted fun. This lot are NUTS. NO the characters are not real, the princesses are just dressed up! I stood next to a 20yr old weeping as Snow White waved at him (actually me but I'll let it go) whilst he wore every bit if Disney merchandise known to man. <Quote Peter Kay "Hello Son. Have you ever kissed a girl?!>

THE FRENCH. We didn't want this bloody park here in the first place. OK its here. It's our park . Sod of back to Alton Towers and leave us alone.

THE ENGLISH. "How much?" "Don't crush the rolls we stole from breakfast, they'll do us for lunch!" "Go on, say something".

THE GERMANS. What queue?

THE SPANISH. Just keep talking, as loud and as fast as possible over everyone else in this queue. They won't mind, we have only been here for 3 hours.

SOUND ADVICE. Hold your ground, lose your British charm and try and enjoy yourself. ITs only supposed to be fun.
05/01/13 The Ridgester


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