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Road works - traffic signs left behind a danger

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Traffic signs for road works that just casually get left behind really get up my nose. What’s the point in leaving them up there once the work on the road has been completed?  Why can they not remove them, especially the speed restriction signs?  It’s more than just misleading, it can be potentially dangerous!

contribute to accidents on the road...

By not removing these signs they bring the whole road repair system into disrepute.  With all this surplus “street furniture” lying around, I am willing to bet that they can and often do contribute to accidents on the road, especially with these recent high winds.

Think back for a moment, have you ever been driving along the road and had to move out to the middle of the road to dodge a sign which has fallen over onto the carriage way?  Or how about when driving along a motorway - you come to a whole load of speed restriction signs, but fail to see the actual road works?

Road works traffic sign If they cannot be bothered remove the road signs straight away, what's wrong with just covering the restriction signs up, or even laying them flat on the ground so the don’t get blown around?  Traffic cones for example are usually moved off the road, so why on earth can’t they just remove all the road signs at the same time?

On the Continent the signs disappear almost immediately once road repairs have been completed.  Either that or they are at the very least covered up even at weekends when the work is suspended and then uncovered again on the Monday morning.

I think it is all down to laziness, crass ignorance and thoughtlessness to the other road users.  My job’s done mate, I’m off home!

By: Bike Rider

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On the continent things can be the similar.
I live in Catalunya (Catalonia in English) and here sometimes they also forget to remove work signs, eventually removing them days later.
I agree with you that they can be dangerous.
16/08/09 Adam.


When oh when are the roadworks in Greenwich (S.E London) going to end?
First of all, last year, we had 9 months of hell, with 4 way controlled temporary traffic lights,(anyone who's tried to drive through Greenwich will sense my despair)while the gas mains were replaced. It all finished, and the council recovered the roads - lovely.

Then whaddyaknow - 2weeks ago, the water mains are to be replaced, so up go the infernal 4way controlled temporary traffic lights again, and the huge hole that was dug first time round, is showing all its innards once again. I am so fed up with it all - and I can't avoid it, as my 82yr old mother, lives right in the middle of traffic jam central.

Greenwich has 8 sets of new lights in a quarter mile stretch of Trafalgar rd/to Greenwich church, as it is (what idiot's idea those were I don't know) What I do know - is those temporary traffic lights are just past a set of pedestrian controlled lights - so invariably, when the temps finally go green (all too briefly) the pedestrian ones suddenly turn red AAAHHH!!!!! I feel my sanity ebbing away.

And to cap it all, nowadays, they don't seem to move the bus stops further down the road either - so there you are, glancing around the bus at a beautiful green shiny temp light, you can't get around the bus, because of the caged off areas the workmen inhabit (IN-frequently it seems)as the nose of the bus will be level with the caged area. HMPH :(
08/04/09 petralava


I used to work at a water company. Streetworks gangs *were* constantly reminded to take all signs away on completion.

The reasons given were that signs forgotten: 1) create a hazard, and 2) increase the chances of people ignoring roadworks ahead signs. That sign has to be placed a certain distance away. If a corner intervenes then it has to be put even further away. After a long day's work, especially when things have not gone smoothly, and even more so when (as so often) there is a pressure to move on to the next site, you can see how an out-of-sight sign could be left behind by mistake.

I couldn't say it was always done and mistakes do happen but I believe it was taken seriously, at least at the water company I was at.
30/05/07 Phil


Actually, with the windy weather recently I've seen a few signs blown onto the motorway carriage way. They are dangerous if they are left around without those sand bags to secure them. As for misleading sings - yes.. can't agree more
30/01/07 Rockorfella
Bike Rider

Bike Rider

To add to the original post, last Thursday (26/01/07) I was driving up the A1M and after junction 58 there were cones at the side of the road on the hard shoulder with the lights switched on. There were NO signs stating that roadworks were immenent or any indication that work had finished. Nor were there any speed restriction signs. I turned of the A1M at Junction 60 and the cones still went further on.

About 90 minutes later I re-traced my route going home and the cones now all had the lights off. There was still no signs of work/workmen, I can't help thinking what a total waste of resources.
27/01/07 Bike Rider


My husband says its due to the council having to use there budget up by the end of the finacial year. This involves them doing as much work as possible towards the end of the finacial year inorder to meet there budget, otherwise their budget amounts for the coming year will be dramatically reduced. This is also why you see a lot of road works in Febuary and March taking place but never fully manned, too many jobs, too little time and too much money to spend?
20/01/07 rc


I can agree with what you say.

Also, when they turn up to do a job and not have the spare parts, tools or materials to finish the job.So the road works are there longer than needed.

Lack of comunication is one culprit, and laziness the second.
18/01/07 Ian


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