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Why do I have to do everyone's job for them?

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The CSA - Allowing my ex husband to disappear for two years and subsequently 5 years of nothing and me calling twice a week; if I didn't pay my mortgage for three months I would face eviction.  Non-payment of maintenance can carry on for as long as you like until the bill turns into a second mortgage and in my case that must be around 28k.

The Inland Revenue - I never claimed for child care costs although I know I signed the forms, and gave them Ofsted numbers for the childcare provider.  I can't claim back 2.5 years only 3 months worth of non payments; yet had they overpaid me they would no doubt deduct the whole lot!  I have to time is precious, but I am.

Poor legal work - I take it to the law society who ask me to prove information completely out of my control, now with the LAW OMBUDSMAN, we'll see how far we get there.

Why do I have to do everyone's job for them? The Police - my son was attacked on bank holiday Monday by two youths and a twenty-four-year-old woman.  These scum have since got to the witnesses who are now too scared to give statements to back my son up.  The youths we managed to identify and the woman are still out on the streets doing what they like why?  Nobody answers me.  Where's the support, protection etc.  the police are .  supposed to provide?  Maybe we are we just another crime number to them!  Those people are allowed the freedom of the town my son has to stay at home!

School Clothing - Let's see, a school uniform 29 and then 5 for a rugby top!  That's just the tip of iceberg.  Yes they're lovely, but they all look same so are we not being held to ransom?

Local authority - They take six months to half repair my garage I pay rent for and the repairs still not done properly!  I pay 99 a month council tax and that's with a rebate because I am single, and our police station shuts at 6.30pm what planet are we on?

COULD GO ON...  I know it's like this all over and I think we have gone to pot as a country!

By: Unta

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