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Scotland's rules on alcohol promotions are unfair

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I am now officially fed up with alcohol laws in Scotland having noticed an email in my inbox telling me that Green King is giving away free pints of pale ale in their pubs today.  This is yet another promotion we'll miss out on up here thanks to Nicola Sturgeon and the blasted SNP!

Greene King - free beer

This is one of many drinks promotions I have seen recently that are not valid in Scotland.  One other that comes to mind is the JD Wetherspoon 99p a pint deal.  Up here it has to be £1.10 due to our minimum unit pricing.  What difference does an extra 11p make? Probably not a lot, but it's the principle and the fact that we're treated differently.  This is no doubt because a significant number of Tennents Lager swilling knuckle draggers don't know how to drink without starting a fight!

Before anyone complains about that description of my fellow countrymen, I am Scottish but I'm certainly not proud to be!  Oh, and the independence crap and anti-brexit sentiments here is a gripe for another day!

I think that the rules around alcohol here are grossly unfair.  Apart from the whole minimum unit pricing bullshit there are other restrictions.  For example you can't go into an off licence at ten o'clock at night to buy a bottle of wine.  How ludicrous is that?  It's totally backwards up here.  Do these restrictions make any difference?  I really don't think they do, and from what I can see it's just shifted the problem to drugs instead.

This says it all:

"Dad, they raised the price of alcohol, does it mean you will drink less?"
"No son, it means you will eat less."

By: Kenny

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I agree a law not fit for purpose. It's like the outdated Sunday trading laws in England.
09/12/21 You


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