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Excessive salaries paid to UK charity bosses

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I recently discovered the list below of the charities with the highest paid staff in the country and it makes for very distressing reading. As a matter of policy, the Ten-Percent Foundation will not be donating to any charity in future that pays a CEO or equivalent more than £75,000, which we believe is a reasonable wage to be paying a decent manager or director involved in a non-profitable and charitable venture.

Consumers' Association £300k-£310k
Marie Stopes International £260k-£270k
Save the Children International £261,309
Cancer Research UK £210k-£220k
British Red Cross Society £180k-£190k
Age UK £180k-£190k
Shaw Trust £180k-£190k
National Trust £170k-£180k
Royal Mencap Society £170k-£180k
Crime Reduction Initiatives £170k-£180k
Alternative Futures Group £170k-£180k
British Heart Foundation £173,300
Leonard Cheshire Disability £160k-£170k
Macmillan Cancer Support £160k-£170k
Marie Curie Cancer Care £160k-£170k
NSPCC £160k-£170k
Addaction £160k-£170k
Turning Point £165,000
Save the Children £162,220
Charities Aid Foundation £150k-£160k
Barnardo's £150k-£160k
People's Dispensary For Sick Animals £150k-£160k
Sense, The National Deaf blind and Rubella Association £150k-£160k
Royal Horticultural Society £150k-£160k
Zoological Society of London £150k-£160k
Historic Royal Palaces £151,037
Action for Children £140k-£150k
Salvation Army £140k-£150k
National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux £140k-£150k
Royal National Lifeboat Institution £130k-£140k
Royal British Legion £130k-£140k
Royal National Institute of Blind People £130k-£140k
Scope £130k-£140k
National Autistic Society £130k-£140k
St John Ambulance £130k-£140k
Alzheimer's Society £130k-£140k
United Response £120k-£130k
Dogs Trust £120k-£130k
Voluntary Service Overseas £120k-£130k
National Schizophrenia Fellowship £120k-£130k
Catch22 £120k-£130k

Charity boss salary excessive When did all these charities sell out to the corporate world and the excuse of 'independent salary review experts' determining salaries for their CEOs? How many international accountancy firms have been involved in plucking figures from mid-air to determine how much the RNLI fork out to a paid head when most of the people involved are volunteers? These days all charities with a certain income must disclose the salary being paid to the highest paid member of staff.

This means that the public can see where part of their donations and spend with a particular charity is going.

In the past 14 years, the Ten-Percent Foundation (the charitable trust receiving the Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment donation - £66,000 to date) has donated to a number of charities including some of those below - The British Red Cross and the CAB, which seem to have been paying out salaries in excess of £140,000.

However, for Cancer Research to be paying someone £210,000 per year, the British Red Cross £190,000 a year, Save the Children to be paying £261,309, Age Concern (or AgeUK - did someone get a bonus for this change of name?) to be getting £180,000, is quite frankly obscene.

By: Ray Freeman

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Amazing ..what you learn if you dig deeper .
Even Cameron & BJ ., can do what they like .
Not to forget big corporates .. big bucks & less tax ?
Choice .. Democracy .. How to strike back.. !!
07/04 Vincbir


I used to work in the Age UK back office as part of work experience programme run by DWP. Noticed interesting things. Elderly lone people are charged £16-17 per hour for cleaning services, supplied by AgeUK own agency staff, also leaflets were distributed to those elderly who do not have family but have fully paid mortgage - to roughly spkg hand in the keys in exchange for lifetime care services. I could not believe my eyes, and run off out of this work placement. This is crime disguised as commerce. It is time for taking up corporations for their crime will never be unveiled, give it a little more time. They say, society is changing - no. It is the corporate capitalism is a leach, govt, banks, pharma backed up by police and military are all in it together. Zombi apocalypsis is here.
21/12 Anichka


I agree with your concerns...I have received solicitation from ageuk to donate L10... I’d prefer donating my time as a retired RN and senior myself, but nothing in the form let’s me do that...It is scandalous that CEOs get paid over L80,000. Just like in the USA. I won’t give money if CEO salaries are extravagant..
10/11 Jane


Its time most charities were defended as well as the BBC
Every charity should have to declare how much of every pound donated goes to charity
They should also have to declare how much is paid in salaries and pensions to senior staff out of donations
The British people are being fleeced at a time when they can least afford it
Somebody should be making them much more aware
That British Legion has 70 million (yes 70,000,000) in reserve but will still expect everybody to buy a Poppy and further prop up their finances (as well as ensuring all obscene salary amounts and pension payments are made
They say charity begins at home, well let greedy executives give up most of their salaries and donate them to their that would ever happen.
Wake up Britain, I say again......YOU ARE BEING FLEECED
06/11 Gordo


Totally agree they are now business not charitys surprised Oxfam not on the list makes very interesting reading
10/06/20 Cete


The salaries that are paid out are far too great, we now hear that some of these charities are 'hoarding' money; whilst I agree there should be a reserve fund this sounds like business and not a charity.
28/10/19 seaurchin


Mind was left off that list as well. All these charities are effectively NGO's not charities doing the Government's bidding in return for funding from the Government so they have no business asking the public to donate to them as well. There is nothing 'non governmental' about NGO's though. They are unelected arms of the Government that Parliament has no control over.
20/03/17 Lemsip


And how much do these charities pay call-centre sharks to put out mass-marketing calls to 90-year-old widows who feel badgered into donating part of their pension? Then once they've made a donation they get bombarded by further calls from the same and other charities, none of which will take 'No' for an answer, until the poor people feel suicidal. The charity racket in this country is a disgrace that ought to be legislated against - but as usual our spineless governments do nothing to protect the vulnerable.
14/10/16 carl


These salaries are OBSCENE and UNBELIEVABLE !!

In the past, i have contributed to several of those listed, however I will NOT give them one penny in future.....
13/10/16 Willum08


What about OXFAM ???
13/10/16 Willum08


@oursoles: The Charity Commission has those figures. It's when the CC says they are "sensitive" you can bet "sensitive" translates to "embarrassing".
12/10/16 Charmbrights


I agree. They beg for donations to go towards helping those in need but what proportion of this begging is for their salaries and pension pots? We often hear of all (or whatever amount) of our donation going to the charity, but how much of what goes to charity goes towards helping what they are advertising for - those in need?
I wonder how much goes towards the fat cats pockets which they would prefer to keep quiet about?
12/10/16 Oursouls


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