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Making the most of a Chinese 'All You Can Eat' buffet

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Why is it when people go to a Chinese buffet, they always get stuff like fried rice, chips, chow mein etc., and then order pints of beer or fizzy pop to guzzle on? I mean seriously, why do you bother going at all?

My parents are especially guilty of this and it really drives me round the bend.  I try to tell them that the restaurant actually wants you to eat the rice and noodles and chips because they are dirt cheap and they fill you up.  Similarly, beer and fizzy drinks make you feel full due to the CO2 bubbles which means you eat less and pay more.  You end up paying £10 (not including drinks) a head for a meal that probably cost less than £2!

Here's my advice and what people should be doing...

1. Avoid Carbs - No chips, no rice and no noodles, at least not at first.  If you really want some fried rice then have it towards the end of your meal.

2. Avoid the Other Cheap Stuff - Leave those chicken nuggets and spring rolls alone.  They cost almost nothing for the restaurant and are not the best quality either.  Best avoided all together.

3. Focus the Meat and Seafood - The most expensive items on offer, this way you can get your moneys worth with just a single plate.

4. Don't Order Beer or Cola - Opt for tap water or a cup of green tea.  In China, hot tea is often served with a meal because it is believed it aids digestion.  It also means you aren't tempted to guzzle your drink in one go.

A Chinese all you can eat buffet resturaunt

5. Small Portions - Pace yourself and try everything.  Unless you came near the end of dinner service, you will have plenty of time to go up for more.  Adopting a strategy of smaller portions means you can try a lot more things and then with your last plate, you can gorge on what you liked the most.

6. Look for Chinese People - A little known tip about Chinese Buffets, if the local Chinese population avoids a restaurant then you probably should too.  Chinese people love value for money, just like the Brits, so if a particular restaurant has Chinese diners enjoying the food then chances are the restaurant is good.

7. Have a Glass of Water Before You Arrive - Another little known tip, you should drink some water at least 30 minutes before you arrive.  By doing this, it will help flush out your stomach and expand it a little, making you ready for a good meal.

By: Moan McMoaner

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All you can eat places! Then we wonder why we have chavs in society.
11/01/20 Educated


Thank you for the tip. I used to go to all you can eat buffet. I have come to the realisation of carbs being too filling. I want to be able to eat what I put on the plate. Fish and meat is better.
08/01/20 ahforfoulkessake
Nongshim Lampnoodle

Nongshim Lampnoodle

Makes me laugh everytime I see parents bringing their kids into Chinese restaurants.
Why pay good money just so that they can sit there eating sausage & chips?!
If little Johnny doesn't like what's on offer then why not just take him to McDonalds instead.
I see it quite often whenever visiting Chinese restaurants.
Never ceases to amaze me!
08/01/20 Nongshim Lampnoodle


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