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Paypal bank transfer, why is it so slow?

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Why does it take so long to transfer money from PayPal to your bank account?  In this day and age of electronic or online banking there's surely no reason why a bank transfer transaction should take so long?  It's something I have noticed not just with PayPal as it goes.  It happens with other lots of other companies and the delay always seems to be with money going into your bank account, never the other way round.

When you pay a bill or need to transfer money to a company, the cash leaves your account quite quickly in most cases, in fact quite often instantly (sometimes a bit slower with a debit card).  Well that's quite interesting don't you think?

They don't call it fantastic plastic for nothing because the money just shoots straight out of your bank account.  This goes for paying for goods or services with PayPal too, they seem to get the money out of your account in no time at all.

Bank ATM, Paypal to bank transfer too slow I'm fed up waiting for my cash...

When someone buys something from you though, it's a different matter and I'm fed up waiting for my cash that's stuck in the system somewhere!  Have you ever sold anything on eBay recently?  You're more or less forced to use PayPal unless it's a pick up only item and most people go for the PayPal option.  They discourage other forms of electronic payment you see, so there's not really much choice unless you can find someone who actually has a chequebook these days.  Having sold something recently, the buyer insisted on using PayPal and it took 5 days for money to reach my bank.

I'd dearly love to know where that money was in all that time.  The guy who sent the money to me no doubt lost it out of his account straight away and I certainly didn't benefit from it over the last week.  Was it sitting in some account somewhere making interest for some large faceless company perhaps?  I think so and I'm fed up being screwed over by big companies and banks.  It's us lot at the bottom of the ladder with less money to play around with that suffer every time!

By: Fed up with PayPal and banks

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Even slower now that they have split from eBay.
2nd Oct 15 05:10




Its all about profit the longer they hang on to your money the more interest they make. just think how much they make on millions of accounts by holding onto the CASH
8th Jul 13 10:07




I feel the same way about this.....I have an online savings account. When I need to transfer money to my savings account to my bank account, its normally there the next day, or following day. Paypal takes at least 2-4 days.....I just transfered money from paypal, and from my savings account. I got my money from my savings account the next day....going on 3 days now and nothing from paypal...I think they like to hold onto that money as long as possible to get as much interest from you as they can! Its so friggin annoying! Oh and if you buy something on Ebay and pay with your bank account, that money is out of my account the following day! They are so quick to snatch that money right out of your bank account, but as slow as possible to put it back in!!!
9th Jun 13 02:06



The Pursuit of Excellence

I am a big ebay user and so therefore a PayPal user. I've been selling on ebay for a couple of years now and over the last 6 months have realised how much seller fees can really amount to. It's almost like I'm paying rent to run a online shop it costs so much. Now I could ignore this if it were the only issue but it really angered me when ebay refused to help me with a discrepancy I had with a buyer. I will spare the details but ended up with me having false negative feedback on 2 separate and one of my items was not paid for. The item sold for £40. The buyer did not make any payment nor reply to any of my messages. Instead I was left bad feedback suggesting I harassed said buyer. Of course I wanted to leave my own feedback to warn others of this person. However I discovered I could not leave any feedback until I marked the item as paid. I didn't really understand this and so after a month of waiting for ebay to help me all they suggested was to contact the buyer. Not only that but they could not remove the false negative feedback on my profile. Now considering I have been a trusted seller for over 2 years and have given them so much money through seller fees I almost felt betrayed. It seems to me ebay has become so big they don't really have to care about the individuals that use the site.
I have done some research and come across many people with same problem as well as others, high seller fees, ebay is hand in hand with PayPal and there are very scant alternatives provided by ebay, accounts behind shut down for no good reason, these are but a few of the gripes I have found on the Internet about ebay.
I want an alternative where I don't get charged absurd seller fees, where I get rewarded for being a trusted seller. I have looked into other auction sites and while there are many good ones (,, I have decided to make my own site. I want to get a better understanding of what people don't like about ebay/PayPal, what people would change if they could even past disputes people have had with ebay. Please respond to this with any problems you've had, anything you don't like about the site big or small. My aim is to make a haven for people fed up with ebay and I thought the best place to start is with potential users.
20th Mar 13 01:03




I tried to withdraw money from paypal to my account but it said add bank account. Then wouldn't let me use the bank account because I already opened a paypal count with it. Does paypal automatically pay what is owed to you into your bank account after a set time? How can I withdraw money if paypal won't let me use my own bank account?
24th Feb 13 10:02




i got a refund a while ago, the money didnt even leave my account at that point. i thought that paypal would just leave it, i continued on and found out today that my account is now in $-158 cause of paypal. that is ridiculous why is it not instantly transferred and then back after the refund?.
4th Dec 12 07:12




They hold the money to collect interest on it.. it's a scam
30th Nov 12 02:11




I've got to wait 21 days for 5 friggen dollars. I know the pain. This guy received his item a week and a half ago, I should get the money the moment he received the item. That's fair. Not only that, but I'll have to wait another 21 days to transfer it. 42 days for 5 bucks that I need for gas to get to work. This is a rip off.
31st Oct 12 06:10




I recently made a deposit from my account to my Paypal account but the money has disappeared again. I have asked PayPal about this before and they said it "takes time to go over" but they have never answered my straight forward question, if the money is not in any of my accounts where is it? this kind of thing really gets my goat !
21st Oct 12 04:10




I have been waiting 7 days for $250 to go through to my prepaid Paypal Mastercard. Paypal tell me the money transfer has been completed, the prepaid card people say the transfer was rejected. Who am I supposed to believe? The money is to pay rent and now I risk getting evicted because no one at Paypal seems to know what they are doing.
6th Aug 12 07:08




Apply for a paypal access card. You can then withdraw your cash immediately from any cashpoint at a maximum of £200 a day. This is taken directly from your paypal balance. They charge £2 per cash transaction, but if you pay for goods with the card there is no charge.
11th Jul 12 12:07




Every bank transfer takes time....Er actually thats not correct.I sent some gold off to one of these gold buying companies and they called me when it arrived to give me a final valuation and said they would pay the money into my bank by fps that day,so few hours later i checked and it was there. In fact fps is pretty much instant,so why cant paypal use this method even if they charge a couple of quid per transaction,rather that then waiting days on end.
23rd Jun 12 06:06




I'm still waiting for $5000 in payments that are pending transfer to my bank account from several weeks ago. No explanation from Paypal, other than it's some type of "glitch". The Paypal account is not frozen or limited, and my bank account is verified.
12th Apr 12 02:04



It's my MONEY and I NEED IT NOW!!

I've been waiting since March 18th, it is April 2 going on the 3rd now. Is there any other instant option other than this slow ass method??? 12 F&^$&# DAYS!!!
3rd Apr 12 03:04




Nicely put. I've been waiting 6 days now...
11th Jan 12 12:01



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