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People walking two abreast down a corridor causing an obstruction
Why are people so completely unaware of their surroundings these days and just like on the roads, they have no consideration for others who are trying - [7 October 2015 - 0 comments]

Living in a shared house with a thief who takes your stuff
Theft sickens me. People who take your things these days get away with it because there's nothing the police can do about it. This isn't about the - [1 October 2015 - 1 comments]

Weird things that pubs and restaurants serve food in
I expected the food at The Old Contemptibles to be nice and wasn't disappointed on that front, but it was expected to just come out on a plate and not - [26 September 2015 - 0 comments]

Football and rugby chanting in pubs - ban the louts
The Rugby World Cup is on at the moment so naturally it is a good idea for people like myself who are not into that sort of thing to basically - [21 September 2015 - 0 comments]

Jeremy Corbyn, the reason why I will no longer vote Labour
To my mind this man is neither patriotic or for the people of this country and should be watched very carefully indeed. - [17 September 2015 - 3 comments]

Lunchtime meetings should be banned
A decent lunch break should consist of somewhere between half an hour and an hour where you can relax, eat your lunch in peace and quiet and spend the - [16 September 2015 - 1 comments]

Would you buy a haunted house in Kingsclere?
We found a beautiful Victorian detached house in a secluded position just outside of Kingsclere. No work had been done on the place for 30 or 40 - [11 September 2015 - 5 comments]

Refugees and immigrants are NOT welcome here in the UK
This is going to sound a little harsh to some, but I'm of the opinion that we shouldn't be opening our arms wide and welcoming in thousands of - [9 September 2015 - 8 comments]

Morrisons lorry driver tailgating and driving aggressively on the M1
As a witness to dangerous driving recently my question is, do Morrisons check on the driving skills of the people they employ to drive around their - [3 September 2015 - 1 comments]

Teenagers that can't live without their smartphones and Facebook
When you get on a bus or a train these days take a look around. How many people do you see quite literally glued to their mobile devices? It's - [19 August 2015 - 3 comments]

Talk Talk incompetence at it's best with months of no service
At the end of July 2014 I ordered a phone and broadband package from Talk Talk. It was quite a difficult process, with the sales person unable to - [16 January 2015 - 2 comments]

Idiots on computer chairs, watch where you go!
Today, at the libary, I saw someone decide to move to another position on the computer cluster. So, rather than actually getting up and walking round, - [5 January 2015 - 0 comments]


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