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The Weekly Gripe is your place on the web to have your say about absolutely anything you like.  Consumer complaints, irritating habits, annoying people, relationships, family issues and rip off stories - a huge variety of gripes, all with their own moderated discussion forum.

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Excessive deductions from wages working through an agency
I work through an employment agency and do general labourer work on construction sites. They use an umbrella payroll company to process our wages so - [12 November 2015 - 1 comments]

Queues - when it's not okay to let someone go in front of you
The rule of thumb for good manners is this: do, by all means show consideration toward those who you feel more worthy of your position in a queue, but - [9 November 2015 - 1 comments]

Drivers that think they can park their car wherever they please
Some drivers really think that they can park their car wherever they please.without any regard for the fact that it is either illegal or even worse - [5 November 2015 - 6 comments]

Chinese nuclear power plants in the UK will lead to disaster
The impending deal with the Chinese to build new nuclear plants in the UK is an extremely bad idea in my opinion. What if we fall out with China and - [22 October 2015 - 6 comments]

Anyone but England in Rugby - disappointing small-mindedness
Isn't it disappointing to see how the small-mindedness behind the "Anyone But England" tendency has wormed its way over to the seemingly more mature - [18 October 2015 - 0 comments]

People walking two abreast down a corridor causing an obstruction
Why are people so completely unaware of their surroundings these days and just like on the roads, they have no consideration for others who are trying - [7 October 2015 - 0 comments]

Living in a shared house with a thief who takes your stuff
Theft sickens me. People who take your things these days get away with it because there's nothing the police can do about it. This isn't about the - [1 October 2015 - 1 comments]

Weird things that pubs and restaurants serve food in
I expected the food at The Old Contemptibles to be nice and wasn't disappointed on that front, but it was expected to just come out on a plate and not - [26 September 2015 - 0 comments]

Football and rugby chanting in pubs - ban the louts
The Rugby World Cup is on at the moment so naturally it is a good idea for people like myself who are not into that sort of thing to basically - [21 September 2015 - 0 comments]

Jeremy Corbyn, the reason why I will no longer vote Labour
To my mind this man is neither patriotic or for the people of this country and should be watched very carefully indeed. - [17 September 2015 - 6 comments]

Lunchtime meetings should be banned
A decent lunch break should consist of somewhere between half an hour and an hour where you can relax, eat your lunch in peace and quiet and spend the - [16 September 2015 - 1 comments]

Would you buy a haunted house in Kingsclere?
We found a beautiful Victorian detached house in a secluded position just outside of Kingsclere. No work had been done on the place for 30 or 40 - [11 September 2015 - 6 comments]


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