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Gripes Published Recently

Injured by a can of baked beans from Lidl
Recently, I've been finding life in the UK more and more expensive so I've started shopping at Lidl to save a few pounds. So far, I've been impressed, especially by their pizzas and cheese. The prices are very good as well.
6-Jul-14 18:22

Mobile phones should be banned in schools
When I was at school, you went there to learn. These days however, it's a place where you can go to parade the latest mobile phone and take part in a competition to see who's got the best.
15-Jun-14 18:50

Aspergers syndrome - bullied by everyone
I'm trying to come to terms with the Aspergers diagnosis still, it explains so much of my past, and especially behaviours which since my breakdown have caused me to feel mad, insane, isolated. I have lost everything...
8-Jun-14 16:16

Anglophobia around football and The World Cup
It may sound unpatriotic but I often wish England didn't qualify so that the rest of the world wouldn't have a whipping boy and that fans wouldn't have to go through this ordeal every four years, but it seems we always do.
11-Mar-14 20:40

Inconsiderate people on benefits partying all night
Some people on benefits are so inconsiderate. My neighbours either side are on benefits so they are at home all day. I have to leave at 7.30 to get the bus to work and yes, I admit it, it annoys me to see next door with the curtains shut.
24-Feb-14 23:16

Telephone scams, fraud and identity theft
It seems that the Telephone Preference Service, Ofcom, Action Fraud and the Information Commissioner are powerless, or unwilling, to act against companies aiding and abetting fraudsters from outside the UK.
11-Feb-14 18:55

Gossiping hospital receptionist and patient confidentiality
I made a hospital visit to see a consultant and when I arrived the medical receptionist seemed nice but it just goes to show you can't take people a face value. As it happens she was a gossip. So much for patient confidentiality.
9-Feb-14 19:57

Going to the cinema, the things I find annoying
You decide to go to the cinema with your friends, spouse or partner to watch the latest blockbuster. When the movie starts guess what happens? You get rustling and crunching, mobile phones, feet on seats and silhouettes!
27-Jan-14 21:42

Humiliated by Jobcentre staff because of handwriting
I was recently made redundant from my own company as we had to go into receivership due to bad debts and spiralling overheads. When I visited the Jobcentre though, the last thing I needed was to be humiliated by staff there.
21-Jan-14 21:43

eBay resolution centre only care about making money
After a recent experience with a prig of a buyer I have come to the conclusion that eBay and their resolution centre care only about making money and are not in the slightest interest in settling disputes in a fair manner.
13-Jan-14 21:43

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