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Annoying telephone surveys and nuisance calls

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Don't you just love those annoying telephone surveys that interrupt the peace and serenity of your weekend without even the slightest hint of any reward, financial or otherwise?

It's Saturday morning, close to mid-day but not quite early enough for lunch and I've just answered the phone for the third time in the vain hope that it's someone I actually want to talk to.  But no, of course it's not, it's another telephone survey from an independent research company!

I have been called three times in a row today... Feels like I am being picked on here!

This guy even had the audacity to mention Mori (presumably as in Mori Polls) as if that would impress me enough to spare a few minutes, which would in actual fact end up being more like twenty minutes to half an hour as some of these questionnaires are so badly written I don't think the caller even understands them.

A telephone handset I declined to take part in the latest survey of course.  Occasionally when I have nothing better to do I've whiled away a few moments answering silly questions, but not today.  I am polite of course.  They are only doing their job but I do wonder why I have been called three times in a row today.  Feels like I am being picked on here!  Still, at least this person stayed on the line while I declined to take part.  The last time I took one of these calls the individual was very rude and just slammed the phone down on me.  Nice!

They could get people to take part in telephone surveys more readily if they offered something in return.  A few quid off something with a voucher or even just a pound or two would be good.  Actually, even a lottery ticket would be an incentive to spend a little bit of my precious Saturday morning answering some pointless questions.  Things are tough now though and you don't get something for nothing.

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I'd like to order some foreign currency

I'd like to order some foreign currency
4th Mar 14 11:03



I'd like to tell you about a change of address

I'd like to tell you about a change of address
4th Mar 14 10:03



I am going to scrap my phone

I have just had an automated call from a "Kitchen Scrappage Company" offering to replace our kitchen. It was not from a real human being, but was a recorded call. and dialling 1471 gave no information from whom it was made. How the blazes can I stop such calls? I wrote to my MP about this, and they were unable/unwilling to do anything about it. It seems that the only thing I can do is to close my telephone account altogether, as the previous poster advised. The telephone has become a nuisance system.
27th Nov 13 08:11



Close Your Telephone Account

It seems that the only thing to do to stop unwanted telephone calls from scammers and marketeers is to close your telephone account altogether. I am going to do just that!

Let the telephone providers lose money until they stop cold-callers.
9th Nov 13 04:11



Single Mother Plagued by Calls

I am not normally enraged but after being plagued by things being thrust through my door and nuisance fax calls to my landline I bit the bullet. I searched online and found one of the companies faxing me. When they refused to put me through to the person who had decided on their marketing approach I called them back. Several times. They were a debt management company trying to sell their services to other companies, and they threatened to bill me for their time and come to my home if I didn't pay. If you think this kind of thing is wrong, please sign the attached petition - its trespass.
15th Mar 13 05:03



Register of Inbound Telephone Calls

It is high time that the source and origin of all received telephone calls should be 100% identifiable, even those from abroad. One should bwe able instantly to know from what number someone is calling you from. One should be able to press a button on one's phone, which blocks the caller's own phone till the call they made has been fully traced and the telephone number of the caller registered for one's own perusal. 1471 is absolutely useless for dealing with spam calls.

There should be an EU law about this.

All calls from India should be blocked until the Indian telephone service provides source infomation
21st Feb 13 09:02



Mia the Cat

I actually used to work freelance as a market researcher. I had a job for 2 weeks once for a water company. I had to phone households between 4pm and 9pm and lie that we would like them to take part in a quick survey. Quick? Ha ha... A few people cut it short but by and large I did well.

Next job was a motor insurance survey for a big corporation. This survey was ridiculously long and quite a few people gave up. I couldn't blame them. I got out of market research and had a stint at cold calling appointment making - it was a hard slog making phone calls all day and I got pi88sed off with it after a month.

In fact I began to feel I was a nuisance ringing people up...I suppose I was! I packed it in because I came to hate the idea of unsolicited phone calls, as I had begun to hate door-to-door canvassing years earlier. Again, with that I was pretty successful.

I'm now of the view that canvassing, whether by phone or in person, should be outlawed. It's a bl00dy nuisance!
20th Feb 13 11:02




I always pretend not hear properly saying, "I have a terrible whistle on the line" and asking if they can hear it. I then blow a Acme Thunderer whistle as hard as I can. It doesn't stop them but it makes me feel a lot better!
11th Feb 13 07:02




Hello all !

Whenever I have to deal with unknown number I always check it here
It have happened to me that I got a missed call or text to ASAP call back and then I am getting charged dubble. It is nothing more but classic SCAM ! So, please, if it happens to you as well, report number here
7th Feb 13 11:02




This is what I have done to stop all unwanted phone calls, and it works:
1. Buy a phone with 'Night Mode'. I have a Panasonic, and it will also allow you to give 'Categories' to your contacts.
2. Set up your do not disturb 'Night time' from 0600 to 0559 (24hrs) and allow anybody in any of your categories to override this and get to you.
3. Ensure that you have an answer-phone ability so that any genuine caller can at least leave a message.

The downside is that you will only receive calls from those in your contact book, or numbers that are withheld. These will have to leave a message.

Any callers not recognised will not ring your phone, but come up as a missed call. You could always call them back if you are curious, but this solution works perfectly for me.
27th Nov 12 04:11




Don't let anyone waste your precious time - sales or surveys!
DON'T let them talk - ask who they are, where they are and what they want....if you aren't interested, tell them STOP, IM NOT INTERESTED and TAKE ME OFF YOUR DATABASE.
1. Register with TPS- stops nuisance calls in the UK. 0845 070 0707;
2. Make you phone ex-directory
3. Next time OPT OUT on voters roll- this also prevents your details being circulated.
Complaints - go to TPS as above or even the ICO, the Information Commisioners OFFice which controls data protection in the UK; or 0303 123 1113.
Good luck!
31st Oct 12 12:10





FREE PLAY BACK MESSAGE HERE - Just listen to the recording
Now this really works. Fed up with nuisance callers trying to sell you something you don't want. Well here's the perfect solution that REALLY works! The perfect solutions giving you control. It's free here on my YouTube site.
Simply play back this video to the sales caller. Don't forget to put your phone on loud speaker just so you can hear the reactions from the cold caller. Put your phone as close as possible to the speaker system on your computer.
Its hilarious and works on most callers who are trying to sell you something. Its fun easy and really works. I have had some laughs doing this especially when you hear the sales person talking to the video HaHa LOL!!!
This time you will find its the cold caller that ends up terminating the phone call out of frustration!
It's also good for anyone who is vulnerable and unable to deal with these types of nuisance pestering callers or just wants fun with revenge . But let me know how you get on and write back with your stories as would love to know how you get on... So get your revenge! Give it a go ..
So have fun and enjoy ...
p.s why not record your funny calls and post on youtube ?
Kind Regards Tubesort
28th Oct 12 07:10



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