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Sky installer laid coaxial cable in the gutter

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Have you noticed the ever changing and expensive graphics on the side of the vans driven around be these Sky installers?  It's a bit sad that Sky do not devote some of their income to providing a quality installation service instead of making these vehicles look pretty.

Regarding Sky installers their level of workmanship, I presume it's on the paperwork somewhere that they will not work in lofts, run cables through cavities, or drill internal walls.  The householder should bear this mind when considering an installation because it can result in the external appearance of your house resembling Widow Twankeys Laundry with cable strung up clothes line fashion! the gutter for a distance of over 15 metres.

In my case they went one better and installed the cable completely out of sight by simply dumping it in the gutter for a distance of over 15 metres.  This cable will spend a good deal of its life immersed in water and what happens to it when someone decides to clear the gutter with a scraper?  This cable will presumably be covered in debris and make the job more difficult, may end up being damaged itself (assuming it lasts that long).  It's a completely ridiculous place to install a cable and I'd be more than a little concerned if they were told to do this when they were trained for the job.

Sky laid coaxial cable in the gutter I did write to Sky and send them pictures of the installation and asked the question "Do you consider this a satisfactory installation?"  I received an email reply advising they would send an engineer.  After an inspection he has pronounced the installation satisfactory "because the cable is waterproof".  He did offer to clip the cable to the fascia out of the gutter, but I declined, because I had already decided that the cable run would be through the loft and into a wall box.  What happens now?  Well when the cable is rerouted, if we find it damaged then we will invoice Sky for the materials.  Watch this space!

By: Dave

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This is common practise in the Aerial industry. Not technically correct. But I get requested to do this all the time. The main issue is where the cable drops down behind guttering, as the edge of the guttering is sharp enough to cut the outer insulation, when pushing cable down behind it. Sky do put limits on what their engineers do otherwise you would be paying a lot more for the installation. ie dropping cables in cavities. Also modern houses with their 3 foot of insulation in the loft
covering all the woodwork are quite precarious places to move around in. Sky is a pile it high, sell it cheap operation. you could always ring an electrician to hide cabling for you and see how much he charges.
26th Oct 15 10:10




All this "whats wrong with it being in the gutter..its waterproof cable" rubbish. Gutters are not meant to be cable holders. I'm not suggesting the extra weight of the cable will cause an issue but a gutter should be empty as possible to get the flow of water running. What a gutter is nOT is a convenient place to hide cables. The sky guy could easily have pinned the cable underneath the gutter.

A gutter is for life ..not for a sky guy to put cables for the "get a life" comment - if more people complained about stuff then maybe custoiemr services wouldn't be in the state it is in the UK. Its hard to get good service.
29th Oct 12 02:10



hates pointless threads!

looking at the condition of your guttering shows it doesnt look like you clean it out as often as you make out. If you decide to move it yourself then why should sky pay for any potential damage?? do yourself a favour! get a life.
25th Apr 11 09:04



silky num1 fullback

to ex sky worker??!!!!! sky do have there own engineers and do not just use sub-contracters , they are the guys in the big colourful sky vans n the subbies are the ones in the usually white transits,berlingo's,vivaro's,or like me peugoet experts or AVC, firstline or abca vans but u probably already knew that. (clearly) and on the running cable in gutters personally I dont know why people would prefer to have the cable visible on the exterior of the house if it is possible to be hidden in the gutter. Now I have never come across a blocked gutter because of a sky cable, but I might do maybe????????? but the installer should have run through with you where he was sighting the dish,where he was drilling and where he was running cables then if you had any probs could of told him what u did or not want, but if he didnt then fair enough. with love from 1 lazy semi trained labourer
22nd Mar 11 10:03




Err.. how can laying a cable in a gutter be acceptable? The purpose of the gutter is to convey water and some inevitable debris away from the roof. Now the water is one thing, but as we all know gutters become clogged up. I'd have thought that with a cable in there it would become clogged up even quicker. So basically you have to clean your gutter out more often because Sky are too lazy to pin up cables properly.
22nd Mar 11 04:03




Sky do have their own installers and they do a good job. For starters its quite acceptable for cable to be installed in gutters as the cable is waterproof and if you dont accept this ask the manufacturers who make it.

Also Sky engineers are allowed in lofts as long as its boarded and light is available so all your comments above are not called for just moaning thats all.

Try and put a claim in and I know what will happen to it, nothing why because its you the householder who decided to move the cable into the loft not Sky so why should Sky pay for your time.

Pathetic excuse.
22nd Mar 11 03:03




Utterly ludicrous.

How any company can claim that draping a cable inside a gutter is a satisfactory installation is almost beyond belief however it is clear that those who claim to be engineers are probably no more than semi-trained labourers.

One is glad one does not have Sky TV.
17th Mar 11 12:03




Will someone please tel me how SKY can be so consitsant at appalling service! I stupidly joined in Aug 2009, 3 set top boxes, countless engineer visits, incorrect billing, lack of channels and many hours of my life wasted speaking to what is loosely termed "customer service!". The icing on the cake in the SKY department of cockups is the excuse..wait for it..."there is an IT fault on your account which means I cannot change anything" 4 weeks on and the IT department have still to "dazzle" me with their wizzardary however the very helpful SKY customer "lack of" service operator told me I could get round this by cancelling my account, paying £170 and then take out a new account. now let me ponder the idea....I am sorry hysteria has taken over.
16th Mar 11 08:03




Believe in better installation now? Is there no beginning to SKY's talents?
15th Mar 11 08:03



Ex sky worker.

Good luck, sky don't have their own installers, they contract it out to local technicians who carry out the work for them.

This means sky has no real way of controlling the quality of the work - thus the vastly different levels of service that you'll get from one part of the country to another.

Sky's installation has always been a joke.
14th Mar 11 09:03




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