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Dress code in bars and clubs too strict

In this country our bars and clubs rip us off left right and centre with the cost of drinks or admission fees.  To add insult to injury many of these places are now starting to insist on a dress code before you can even get through the door.  If you're going out clubbing you need to think carefully about what you wear or find yourself refused entrance.

In the town where I live we have two weekend late-night drinking establishments. The one most people prefer to frequent is a modern, bright, fairly expensive wine bar with a resident DJ. On a Saturday night people looking for somewhere to continue enjoying their night out start queuing at 10.30 in order to ensure that they gain entrance.

This establishment however, has a rather strict dress code, jeans and trainers not being considered suitable attire.  Several times I have queued up with friends only to have the slightly stroppy bouncer deny entry to some of them for the sin of wearing, shock horror, JEANS and TRAINERS!

No reprieve for white jeans, chinos - denim is denim, whatever the colour

dress code in clubs And there is no reprieve for white jeans, chinos or whatever you like to call them (denim is denim whatever the colour or label) or any trainers that resemble "normal shoes" but are in fact not as they are made of fabric not shiny leather or leather effect plastic.

So what makes this form of dress offensive? I take it that it isnt because the wearer is deemed to poor to drink in the establishment as he can only afford jeans and trainers to wear because everyone knows that a decent pair of jeans and trainers costs quite a lot of money.  Maybe the management assume that the wearing of these items turns the normally mild mannered person into a beer swilling trouble maker who has nothing better to do than start a fight and wreck the establishment.  Most of my friends spend all week working in offices dressed in "proper" trousers and shoes and prefer to spend their weekends in less formal clothes, maybe it is time that bars and nightclubs stopped being so snobby about dress code.

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"Women just HAVE TO have lots of shoes and handbags. Don't ask why. If your woman wants you to buy her a pair of shoes, consider yourself lucky because a handbag could set you bak by a lot more! "

Not all of us have to have lots of shoes and handbags. I like nice fabrics for my clothes but shoes have never been a big deal for me. I like good quality for "dress" shoes and the rest of the time I go for comfort.

And I buy my own shoes , thank you very much!
31st Oct 13 08:10




Good question. Women just HAVE TO have lots of shoes and handbags. Don't ask why. If your woman wants you to buy her a pair of shoes, consider yourself lucky because a handbag could set you bak by a lot more! lol
31st Oct 13 08:10



baker man

A quick question, but why do women seem to need to own so many pairs of shoes?
There are designer this and designer that, enough to fill a closet. And the irony lies in the fact they only wear a half-dozen or so. For the life of me , I shall never understand the logic (or lack of it) that lies in woman's thought process.
30th Oct 13 07:10




Boblet, Of all the cars you have owned, you must have had one that had an annoying, monotonous,irritating, inconsequential little squeak or rattle that no matter how much you tried to find, just continued to hide in the depths and remained unattainable. In the end you come to the conclusion that ignoring it is the best answer and it eventually died away. How's life buddy.
25th Sep 13 04:09



Richard 3rd.

All your postings boblet 1077, and all the negative votes you get, mean you are unanimously disliked, shouldn't you call it a day fella? As some astute poster remarked the other day, you seem unhealthily obsessed with bottoms. I 'm sure there are some sites which deal with the king of action you clearly yearn for. This is 2013 sir. No need to remain in that closet a moment longer - come on out and enjoy some botty shenanigans!
25th Sep 13 02:09




Great Britain is a Christian counry. we gave up shouting about it. We gave Sunday away to Tesco's etc. We are afraid to mention certain a certain other religion that is trying to take over. They use women folk amongst other things to alter the traditions of our courts & classrooms. Yorkshiremen have given Yorkshire away. What is the next County to go? Thomas
23rd Sep 13 12:09




"similar to the christians giving the GB away"???????????????!????
22nd Sep 13 08:09



collared office lad

David, know exactly what you mean. I do the same thing - top button undone with my tie still straight with a fat knot trying to cover the undone top button, but my boss often just puts his fingers down the back of my collar and tugs it hard, forcing my tie loose and making it obvious my collar is undone, then literally frogmarched me to his office to do it up! It's a bit embarrassing but I do still try to get away with it undone. Re clubs, I act find the opposite problem than this strand - often when I go out after work in my shirt and tie (of course well loosened up), I regularly get pulled by my collar and tie by guys in tee shirts and the bouncer actually collars me and marches me out! Do you guys have this sort of problem?
22nd Sep 13 01:09




Know what you mean, David. I also prefer the freedom of an undone top button, but also prefer the style when done with a good windsor knot.
31st Aug 13 09:08




I thought this booring fetish had take its natural cause & the WG was getting back to what it was intended. Griping.
21st Aug 13 11:08




Interesting subject. I work in a bank and wear a suit everyday. I have always dressed very smart. I normally leave my top button undone and tighten my tie up quite tightish covering the button. in a morning you can't tell that my button is undone but sometimes by the afternoon you can tell and just recently have been ordered to fasten it and tighten my tie right up. All the other lads have their collars fastened an where as I'm able to do it up okay, I just prefer that bit of freedom. it becoming a real issue and is rather embarrassing been reprimanded everyday on the work floor
21st Aug 13 02:08



Miss Anya

Good boy, and I hope you're on call so have to remain in your collar and tie all day long
23rd Nov 12 04:11



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