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Gender equality, myth or reality?

No, I'm not against it the idea of gender equality.  Actually, I'm all for it.  I grew up amongst peers of both sexes whom I considered to be my equals and thought it would always be that way.  I thought we would have the same support, the same rights and the same opportunities.  How wrong I was.

See, the problem is I am male.  Whilst women enjoy an exalted status, support from government funded groups and who are celebrated for each success, men receive none of this.  Instead, society seems to want to mourn the fact that many men are still so successful.  The advertising media want to portray men as buffoons; the courts want to show paternal sympathies to women and the Government wants to restrict our equal access to politics.  We die younger, but more public money is still spent on peculiarly female diseases, we receive our pension later, even though we pay more tax and we even have to pay higher car insurance because we're presumed to be a liability on the road (and we can never prove otherwise, regardless of how long we drive without a claim - my father's 50 now and still has to pay more than my mother simply because he is a man).

The BBC spends vastly more money on programmes women want to watch.  They have a whole Government ministry of their own.  They're far less likely to get a custodial sentence for an offence, especially if they have children, despite the fact that they are an equal threat to society.  When they commit murder, they don't have to prove anything to suggest it was retaliation for domestic abuse.  Even their names cannot be published when they cry rape against a man falsely, a crime which I believe equates to the act itself considering the repercussions.  It's gone so far that men are presumed guilty whilst women are presumed innocent because of an ongoing stereotype that women are the more passive.

Gender equality? There are women only shortlists for Parliament (which makes it far easier for a woman to win a seat irrespective of ability, because less women overall apply).  They're allowed to complain about the pay gap, even though this is largely due to working shorter hours or choosing to have a break from the workforce to bring up their children (I can assure you just as many men would take a pay cut to do the same thing if society let them).

feminists who demand positive discrimination...

And the thing that annoys me most of all is the feminists who demand positive discrimination.  In short, that means my generation being discriminated against to compensate for the mistakes of our grandparents. I didn't benefit from that, so why should I pay for it?  Why should opportunities be any different just because of gender?

The equivalent from a male perspective would be to withdraw men from all wars in which the UK was currently engaged and replacing them with women.  It's not the current generations' fault that millions of men have died in past wars, but if today's men have to pay for earlier generations of unequal opportunities, then why shouldn't women pay for earlier generations unequal sacrifices of life?

Now, I don't believe these inequalities are caused by most women, but they certainly benefit from them and so do not oppose them either.  And those in politics of both genders fervently support them, not because they're right but because there's a core feminist vote to be won to swing the marginals, and no male vote to counter it.  Hopefully, that is all about to change.

By: Andrew

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Tired and emotional

Google 'Right wing blogger says feminist should be fixed' some 'men' really do find women intimidating, no wonder he posts so much rubbish on here and numerous other forums.
9th Mar 14 09:03





What is a feminist?

Rebecca West

"I myself have never able to find out precisely what a feminist is. I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat"
8th Mar 14 08:03




BAH! Everywhere I go today I am reminded it's International Women's Day.

So What!

If a person in a wheelchair is said to be "Physically Challenged", what's that make a feminist? "Sexually Challenged"?
8th Mar 14 07:03




Hi everyone
I've got to say I agree with Andrew who posted on here his gripe.
I think that anyone who's concerned about the men-women imbalances in society should read Kay horrowitz's(may have got name wrong there, check by title on amazon if you will) Manning Up about how young men my age say 18-30s age group(im 27, near 28) are being almost forced into a prolonged adolescence by society's pro-feminist (nothing wrong with girls having an equal chance) but also anti-male(guys today are being made redundant in every part of their lives) attitudes and the lack of traditional male jobs left in western countries like UK and USA.
Throwing the baby out with the bathwater I think.
31st May 13 05:05



Stalag 14

Quote of the day:
Trafford Housing Trust said last night: “we expect employees at all levels to act respectfully and adopt our ethos of valuing, respecting, supporting, and treating people with dignity regardless of their age, disability, faith, gender or gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy, or maternity, status or race-ethnicity or s****l orientation.”

Well that has put me in my place; having been on four buses today and feeling somewhat to the right of Genghis Kahn.
30th Oct 11 11:10




Charmbrights, she should have given proper notice and not just left like that but this is one woman, why would you say would a man act like that as if most women would? Most don't.

I was reading about a serial rapist today but I am not coming on here and saying "would a woman act like that?"

Also, maybe they have to move quickly to another part of the country and need to find a new home fast. You are not asking why she is responsible for the house hunting and not her husband.
28th Feb 11 05:02




We had a fully qualified female draughtsman where I worked. She had been with us for three years and was paid exactly the same a a man in the same position, with the same terms and conditions, etc.

One Tuesday she didn't arrive until 10 am and immediately started collecting her personal possessions together.

When asked why, she replied, "Oh I'm leaving today. My husband has been promoted and it means we have to move, so I'm going house hunting." And with that she left.

Was she doing "equal work" for which she got "equal pay"? Can anyone seriously imagine a male employee acting like that?
28th Feb 11 08:02



London Geezer

The Judge - Power comes from money and influence. If we men have most of the good jobs we still have most of the money, power and influence.

Most heads of state , CEOs of the richest companies and heads of the major banks are men. Follow the money, it leads to power.
26th Dec 10 10:12




Everything needs to be equal from employment opportunities and pay to custody and child support. The ERA will never pass in the US because of too much backward thinking and stuffy politicians. Too bad we'll never see a day where there is actual equality. By the way I'm a feminist who doesn't support that men are evil. I think that if a man is more qualified he should get the job, if a woman commits a crime she needs to pay the same penalty. If a woman hits a man he should hit her back and women should freely serve in the military.
2nd Nov 10 10:11




" "Will" has no "kill" in it so the software allows it unchanged. "Skill" has "kill" in it so it gets disinfected."
You just typed kill and it did not get changed. Does putting it in inverted commas make a difference? kill. skill "kill" "skill"
22nd Jun 10 07:06




"Will" has no "kill" in it so the software allows it unchanged. "Skill" has "kill" in it so it gets disinfected.
22nd Jun 10 05:06




Mike, I am just going out so this is not a considered reply. I would have to disagree with you on the "many" rather than "some" women as this does not accord at all with my experience.

I have , among my friends, family, work colleagues etc met very few women like that and , as I said, only one who was so blatant. I suppose you have to give her marks for honesty!

Your experience seems to be rather different.

Any comments on the double "ll" thing by the way?
22nd Jun 10 03:06



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