Heating allowance for pensioners, what about us?

Are You under 60 or 65, Disabled and very cold indoors? I am, and I was astounded today when my mother-in-law told me that the Dear Government were giving Pensioners another 40 for heating.

She has already received 400. Now please don't get me wrong, I am not griping about the pensioner's getting a heating allowance, but it's always the older ones who seem to be catered for by the government. I am 53 and have been disabled now for just over 25 years. We have no other means of heating but oil or electric. We choose oil because many years ago as it was very economical. How things change!

All of us out there who use oil will know the huge price rises we have had to endure these past 2 years. My bills have more than trebled, unlike my income. NO help for us though. I was very lucky to receive matching fleeces FREE from my catalogue, lovely rosy patterned ones. My Dear Hubby looks divine in his, I don't look bad either and they are what have kept us warm last winter. Seems like a repeat performance again this year.

This government promised to help. Where is it then? Oh yes, sorry, but the pensioners got the heating allowance... again! Please everyone who reads this - don't be down on me. I thought benefits were for the people who need it. A huge percentage of pensioners don't need it, but other's out there in a similar position to myself probably do. My dear old mother-in-law asked to go Christmas shopping recently. 'Yes, not a problem Mum' I said. 'Well I can go now that I've got my heating allowance money' she replied !!

Says it all really!

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