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Problems booking tickets on

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I "bought" a 1st class Apex return from Bristol to London advertised at £46.50 online only to receive tickets for a standard saver return through the post.

I appreciate this seemed like a good deal (perhaps too good to be true) but between me pressing the correct buttons i.e. next to the 1st class Apex text (which showed up through out the rest of the online booking, so I knew I had selected the correct product) on the page and me receiving my ticket. took it upon themselves to not give me what I ordered nor inform me that this was either not available or the incorrect price.

I have to say that I'm not entirely pleased with the way all this has gone, in fact I only looked at in the first place because a colleague said he had booked a 1st class Apex return for the same day between Neath and London for £56.   So I am not the only one who saw good value 1st class rail tickets offered on the Trainline web site.  Phew! Thank god for their customer service - "No madam, you are mistaken, that cannot possibly have happened" Arrgh... it did happen, don't you just hate being called a liar?

Problems booking train tickets online with I for one won't be using in the future because as far as I can see they made a mistake and refused to admit that they did!  To add insult to injury they will now charge me an additional £10 to cancel the ticket that they screwed up in the first place.  My colleague received the correct 1st class tickets, yet they messed up big time with mine... what a farce!

Thanks for letting me having a moan and get this off my chest!

By Maz

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Have had similar issues recently. They did not send me my return ticket, and are now calling me a liar! Awful, awful customer service. I will not be using them again.
29th Apr 14 02:04




i looked at the train line for split tickets [its the way to get cheap tickets]1single ticket in jan14 plymouth to taunton trainline£37 looked on line national rail £8-90 you can then go to the local station and pay and pick up tickets what a rip of train line are
29th Oct 13 08:10



Flying Scotsman

Had e-tickets to go down to London to look after our grandchildren. My husband was rushed to hospital and as he wasn't fit to travel I contacted "TRAINLINE" to cancel our tickets. I was put on hold on the phone while the advisor spoke to his line manager. Finally, I was told that as the tickets were "e-tickets" there was no way they could be refunded. He then explained that East Coast e-tickets were refundable but Glasgow to London weren't. This is not made clear when booking. My husband and I are Pensioners and losing £110.00 is hard in this time of austerity. It's hard to believe that if they were unable to refund these tickets that a Credit Voucher could not be offered. It would be interesting to know how many times this issue arises and who is getting all this money for nothing! TRAINLINE customer care is very poor. The fact these e-tickets are not refundable is not prominent when booking. No explanation as to why East Coast e-tickets are refundable and other routes aren't. Very confusing! Hope my gripe warns other fellow travellers to say "No" to E-Ticket option! I will certainly not book again through TRAINLINE.
15th May 13 08:05




10th Nov 12 03:11



40 minutes of MOH

My experience is bittersweet. I booked tickets, and they arrived quickly! However, they had sat our group of 7 in different carriages on the the reserved seat trains!! They have now kindly changing our seats for FREE, (though I originally phoned sunday got told they would phone LATEST by tuesday, it is now Thursday and I phoned them!). Oddly enough my initial price was £307 but I was only charged £293? so no complaint on price!!

All in all a 3* company advertising as a 5*
24th Mar 11 05:03




I ordered my train tickets online 2 days ago and still do NOT have the booking confirmation to my email. I do not agress with you charging 3.50 for online booking! Terrible.
When will you send my confirmation? Glad I have an extra day to figure this out myself...Bogus!
9th Dec 10 09:12




There website states they look for the cheapest groupsave tickets and then they don't
18th Oct 10 01:10




My gripe is the @**$ing website takes forever & a day to work. Somedays it would be quicker to walk by the time the site has gone through all its stages. Phew, feel better already. Great website!!
28th Sep 10 05:09




I would boycott Trainline if I were you. I have one and only one method of booking tickets in advance: the ticket office.
17th Aug 10 01:08




MyTrain.ticket they worst online booking service I have ever used.
I have booked online for a number of years as I work off shore so go regularly on long train journeys.
But I have to say if your booking online DONOT BOOK with they are by far the worst , on their website they have advertised an any time fully flexible/fully refundable ticket you pay a bit more because it is fully flexible Ideal as I sometimes require to travel either late on a tuesday or early wensday morning.
But it was ANYTHING but flexible only useable on day of stated travel and refund takes 28 DAYS with the added cheek of a £10 charge. So I contacted customer services to try and amend the booking , Customer service an Absolute disgrace no help, very cheeky and with the added bonus of a £10 charge. I have booked online before and once I contacted customer services with other companies and had nothing but a helpfull and friendly service.
Need less to say I wont use them again and will not berecommending there services to any one in the end it cost me more in time and money than it would have just to pay at station.
20th Jul 10 03:07




Virgin is jsut a master in ripping its customers off the money! I bought my ticket online for the very same price as if I bought it over the phone. I could not make a trip and was told that e-tickets are non-refundable and non-changable, but if I booked over the phone (exactly the same price), they would happily change my journey. Yes, Virgin, we got your point. It is so easy to overlook your funny condition for online users and so easy to rip your customers who happened to change their travelling plans off the money. What a customer service! Or...expensive price = poor customer service?
20th Jul 10 12:07




I agree - NEVER buy tickets from trainline! It's be interesting to know how much money they make through their £10 a ticket "change fee" and "no - refund" policy. Seems to me like its money for nothing!
24th Jun 10 06:06




Call 08719774178 to Speak to Hugh Beauchamp
This is the email I got off him today regarding tickets I ordered on 28th April

Thank you for your e-mail. I sincerely apologise for the amount of time it has taken to process your refund, and for the frustration that has been caused when you were contacting us. The customer support team should have referred you to us much earlier to get this refund processed. I will be feeding back your comments and correspondence to the relevant teams to make sure this doesn't happen in the future.

I have refunded you in full for your tickets this morning, and the total of £313.60 will be reflected back to the original payment card in 3-5 working days.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay and the inconvenience. I have left a contact number with someone at your home telephone number, so if you would like to discuss the matter further, please don't hesitate to call.

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Hugh Beauchamp
Customer Relations Advisor
8th Jun 10 05:06




Trainline have stolen the vouchers I sent to their office in part payment for my journey. They now claim they never arrived, and I never had any booking, despite the fact I have proof of delivery from Royal Mail.
8th Jun 10 08:06




My wife just bought a ticket with the trainline, but their booking website threw some errors and when she had a look at her emails she saw she had been charged twice. She rang them and they told her she's getting her money back but they are going to charge her a £10 cancellation fee! I think you are better off staying away from that website if you dont want to get robbed too. It's clear from her experience and some other comments here that their website doesnt fully work as intended.
4th Jun 10 02:06



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