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Irresponsible dog owners and dog poo

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What really gets my goat up are irresponsible people who own dogs.  Other pet owners I can tolerate, but urban dog owners are the pits and in my opinion should be placed on wanted posters offering 'Dead or Alive' rewards.

Why, you may ask, this entire gripe about lovers of a man's best friend?  The reason is, dog-faeces or dog sh*t as it more popularly known!  Let us look at the modus opperandi of urban dog owners closely.  Urban dog owners houses and apartments literally stink of dog sweat, various mucous membrane dog fluids and dog's bad breath.  Urban dog owners clothes also emanate a putrid doggy odour and are covered with dog hair, alive with fleas and impregnated with flakes of mangy dog skin.  But that doesn't stop them hanging their coats amongst others in the coat rack or cloakroom.

They allow their dogs to lick you their dogs to lick you on meeting them in the street...

Urban dog owners allow their dogs to lick you on meeting them in the street, or when visiting them at home after they (the dogs that is) have been licking their sexual organs and/or anus and/or sniffing other dogs rectal region, as well as sniffing other dog's excrements lying in the street.

Urban dog owners offer you a lift home in their car (which you are to polite to refuse) and which nearly makes you throw-up because of the acrid doggy stench that has permeated into the upholstery you sit on.  If you are really unlucky the dog will be sitting in the back seat panting its reeking breath over your shoulder.

Dogs doo urban chaos Urban dog owners take their dogs for a walk several times a day in the neighbourhood, which usually means taking them just around the corner and letting them p*ss and sh*t right on the pavement in front of someone else's house, or at the base of the tree decorating the street, or in the local park where the neighbours take their kids at weekends, or expect to be able to send them out to play safely and healthily.  They take their pets with them on day outings, as if they were civilized people, to local fairs and events where they also defile amongst the stalls, on the parking lot or just in the street as if it were normal to do so.

Urban dog owners are mostly ignorant and oblivious of the fact they really do stink of dog, and that it is unsavoury for others to see a big steaming dog turd while taking a pleasant walk in the neighbourhood or visiting some local event/fair.

Dog poo bin Urban dog owners are also unaware that the amount of dried dog faeces (i.e. shit dust) suspended in the air of our towns and villages is one of the main causes of respitory problems, skin disorders and allergies amongst the inhabitants, especially children and the aged.  They are so accustomed to dog smells and other canine odours, that they do not notice the stench in the streets and parks that their dogs have visited, especially after the grass has been mowed by the town park keepers or on a hot summers day.  Town councils are ware of the complaints but say they are 'powerless' to do anything about it.  It is suggested that we should take photographs of those urban dog owners 'in action' when they are caught with their pets violating our civilization and desecrating our towns and villages.

The photos could be displayed on notice boards installed around the neighbourhood as a 'hall of shame' for all to take notice of.  Repeat offenders could have their dog licence revoked, their pets impounded and/or hefty fines imposed.

Alternatively, the inhabitants could undertake a court injunction to sue the offending urban dog owners for damages to health, property and the environment.  It is just a suggestion as maybe my gripe only affects and annoys me.

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Fed up Pedestrian

A novel approach to this problem was tried in New Taipei City in Taiwan a few years ago. Residents were offered a lottery ticket for each bag of poop handed in; 14,500 bags were collected, halving the amount of poop around the city.

I have no idea if they continued with the experiment or if it was a one off.
16th Jun 13 06:06




Just taking the dog for a walk dearest. In reality they are taking it for a crap. Dog owners are predictable; they will go out with the dog at the same time day after day. They have nothing better to do. At a certain time & place the dog in charge of such a predictable owner will defecate, it is perfectly predictable. The mobile phone has now found its place in this routine walk. A romantic chat perhaps with the dog as a co conspirator.
14th Jun 13 04:06




Fook dog owners, The people you refer to wouldn't notice if you delivered it in a tipper truck! It's too similar to what's inside their skulls!
14th Jun 13 12:06



Fook dog owners

Oh yes dog poo will break down over time no problem but how about we post your dog's poo through your letterbox and let it break down in your kitchen?
14th Jun 13 12:06




People need to calm down and stop blaming all dog owners, I for one have a dog and always pick up after her/keep her on a lead etc. It makes me angry that you are stereotyping dog owners as it is only a few who ruin it for everybody so I suggest you stop acting like you are above everyone else and take into consideration people's feelings about you putting them down for having a dog. You also constantly see cat faeces around but nobody takes a blind bit of notice to that as cat owners are obviously in a whole other band of people and rules to us commoner dog owners. So stop stereotyping us!
22nd Dec 12 11:12



anonymous walker

Dogs shouldn't be allowed in public, special private dog runs and walks in a private country place should be invented,owners should have insurance so we people who dont like dogs can claim damages for things like leaping up on us,barking in our presence,leaving there dirt in public.
12th Nov 12 10:11




grumpyoldwoman, I have often wondered the same thing. I don't have a dog but have sometimes taken a friend's dog for a walk and I find that the bagging it up part is the nastiest bit - putting the bag in a bin is nothing after that.

Also, why do so many of them hang the offending bag up on a tree branch like smelly little Christmas decorations? Bizarre.
7th May 12 02:05




What I don't get is bagging up the dog poo and then dumping the bag. WHY?

If you're going to dump the poo then just leave it out of the bag! (Not on the footpath though.) Then it will at least break down, and the rain and the worms will gradually process it into the ground.
7th May 12 12:05




The majority of dog owners appear to lack any social conscience. Pleasant walks are spoilt by dogs running free despite 'keep dogs on lead' notices. Not being able to admire view due to dog mess on path. My experience over the last month in countryside and on the coast is as follows:-

Large dog charging up to me leaving saliva on my trousers, owner totally unconcerned.
Dog shaking water over me after coming out of sea. 'Dogs not allowed on beach' signs clearly posted.

Dogs treading over our picnic, owner thought this was 'sweet' and was very rude when I asked her to take them away.

Owners carefully picking up dog poo, then leaving it in the hedgerow.

Is there any enforcement when dog owners disregard these signs. Multiple ownership is increasing, up to four dogs is not unusual.My hobby of walking is spoilt by these irresponsible people. Does anyone else agree with me?
7th May 12 12:05




"Urban dog owners are also unaware that the amount of dried dog faeces (i.e. sh1t dust) suspended in the air of our towns and villages is one of the main causes of respitory problems, skin disorders and allergies amongst the inhabitants, especially children and the aged."

I have never seen any evidence to back up the claim you are making. I am convinced it is a load of rubbish you have made up because of your personal hate agenda.

Not all dogs smell and shed hair. Well-cared-for dogs do not have fleas. Not all dog owners will let their dog be out of control offlead and going up to strangers, and not all dog owners leave sh1t in places where it will inconvenience other people.

Some people who lived next door to me used to have a cat. The cat would sh1t all over my property and come into my house if the door was open. It would kill animals and strew the guts and limbs all over the garden and outside the back door. If I allowed my dog to do this, I would be arrested.
12th Sep 11 03:09




With regard to cats being filthy animals, it's only because my front lawn was being used as a toilet by a neighbours cat. The heaps were so big, I thought it was a dog doing it, but I eventually saw the culprit. I love cats, used to have a few when we lived in the country, but in the city, they are a pest & I was sick of having to clear up after this one every day. I've tried everything...ornange rind, bits of hosepipes (look like snakes) & now I've got an ultrasonic detector / noise maker that seems to work with both cats and dogs. The cat uses another neighbours lawn now and he scoops it up and returns it to the cat's owner.
5th Aug 11 12:08



I Like Birds

"Now cats...don't get me started on those filthy animals...."
Best thing I have read anywhere today, carry on.
4th Aug 11 05:08




We used to have a Golden Retriever until he died in 1997 and thought I was doing well with him. We lived in the country and he was walked at least 3 times a day, slept in a proper kennel in outbuildings, was well fed, wormed, bathed...everything. I didn't consider it at the time, but not everybody likes dogs. We were no longer being invited to friends houses (dog hairs on my clothes and an all-pervading "doggy" smell) and no-one wanted to travel anywhere in mour car (it stank of wet dog, apparently and the seats had hairs on). Dogs do smell, they do eat the most disgusting things out in the countryside, they do lick people afterwards, they do leave hairs everywhere, no matter how much work you put into it. You cannot keep bathing a dog, you'll wash out all of it's natural oils that protect it.
Once we were dog-free, with a new car, we had a social life again.
Would I have another retriever again? You bet I would, if I lived in the countryside see the sleek golden animal running through the forest or across the moors would be great...that's how dogs should be, not on the end of a bit of rope, being walked twice round the local park and along a me that's no life.
Now cats...don't get me started on those filthy animals....
4th Aug 11 04:08




Yeah I don't let my dog lick my face, or anyone else for that matter. You seem to have stereotyped all dog owners as filthy slobs who can't clean up after their own dogs.

Granted, I do see a lot of people who own dogs but can't look after them. Them dogs stink, yes. BUT I don't blame the dog for that, I blame the owners.

There are a lot of people who have dogs for the wrong reasons. A lot of them being used as status symbols, and it's not only the 'thugs' with their pit bulls or staffies who do this. The 'female twits' (Thanks Ed) also get dogs as status symbols, and I absolutely hate that. Seeing a girl walk around with a dog in her bag, it makes me sick.
11th Jul 11 10:07




I don't care how "clean" you keep your dog, it's still going to smell.

And when it licks your face? Guess what it likely licked before that..? You guessed it! o_O

Our sidewalks, sides of buildings, and parks are literally loaded with dog feces and urine. I see a guy letting his dog go up the side of an estate agent's building daily. It stinks when you walk past the place! And these poor dogs should be on a farm somewhere so they can run free without having to be harnessed up by owners who do (or sometimes don't) take them for walks.
25th Jun 11 10:06



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